Eating is one of life's great plea-sures... but are the foods you eat making you healthier or making things worse? With a whirlwind of conflicting health stories in the news, it's time to get down to basics and find the real truth.

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Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal uncovers the vital link between your health and the foods you eat—and makes it easy for you to learn what applies specifically to YOU and your lifestyle.

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Which surprising foods can be harmful?

We're not talking about junk food and fast food. You already know the dangers there. What you don't know is that seemingly healthy foods might be harmful to you, depending on your age and what conditions you are affected by.

  • Should migraine sufferers
    avoid red wine?
  • Could you be ingesting extra sodium without even touching the salt shaker?
  • Which dangerous toxin is found in a commonly eaten "healthy" fish?
  • Does soy prevent cancer,
    or cause it?
  • Is ginger dangerous to
    pregnant women?
  • Should you skip the protein powder and supplements?
  • Can foods like asparagus and celery act as a natural diuretic?
Get the authoritative advice you need on more than 170 foods and 100 health conditions to live a healthier, fuller life.

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  • More than 170 foods, from apples to zucchini
  • Over 100 health conditions, from arthritis to insomnia to heart disease
  • The lowdown on food/drug interactions,vitamins, and supplements
  • 250 recipes to boost health and well-being
  • Ways to maximize food's healing potential
  • Sample meal plans and recommendations for 100 health conditions
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Courtenay is the Executive Editor of Reader's Digest magazine, and has appeared regularly in health and wellness segments on national programs such as Today, Good Morning America and The Early Show.

Leading a team of Reader's Digest editors, Courtenay and award-winning nutritionist Joe Schwartz, PhD and dietician Fran Berkhoff examined the latest research in food science. This NEW updated edition of Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal includes the most up-to-date information to help you make the best dietary choices for your health.


Learn WHAT to eat...
What NOT to eat... and WHY!

  • Lose weight without flavorless, low-fat foods
  • Take the pain out of arthritis
  • Control diabetes without cutting out sweet foods
  • Fight cancer with fruits and vegetables
  • Boost your heart health with nuts
  • Improve age-related vision problems with delicious greens
  • Help avoid Alzheimer's with salmon

BOOST your mood, have
HEALTHIER with every bite!

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Are some foods SUPPORTING
your health or SABOTAGING it?

Get the essential information you need to eat the right foods….and take in all the nutrients your body needs to help heal itself.
  • When is a hamburger more healthful than a salad?
  • Summer day lemonade can actually be GOOD for you! The citric acid in lemons has been shown to decrease the chance of kidney stones.
  • Is it safe to to "starve" a fever and "feed" a cold?
  • Arthritis defense! Omega-3 can help reduce inflammation…but you don't have to eat fish! Walnuts and flaxseed are a great alternative.
  • Grilling can be dangerous? You bet. Cancer-causing substances can form when fat from meat drips onto coals and becomes part of the smoke. Follow our 7 tips to feed your family safely.

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About Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal:

The first edition of the mega-selling Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal changed the way we view food and its impact on our bodies. Since then, researchers continued to uncover the affects—both good and bad—of food on heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other serious illnesses, as well as the impact of food on stress, insomnia, and other common complaints. This updated edition of Foods that Harm, Foods that Heal includes all the latest science and research on how to eat for better health. And the new Cookbook includes 250 delectable recipes for stronger health, plus meal plans to fight more than 100 ailments.
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