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Submit Your Joke Guidelines
Original contributions, which should be no more than 500 characters, become our property upon submission. Your submission may be used in all print and electronic media. If it's used on the website only, you will not get paid for it. If selected, it may be edited. Previously published material must have source's name, date and page.

Contributions cannot be acknowledged or returned. Please do not forward attachments with your e-mail. Due to various considerations, even usable items may not be published for six months or more. The competition for publication is intense; last year, editors selected only a few hundred stories from over a quarter-million submissions. It may also take some time for your submission to be considered; please don't inquire about the status of your submission -- we'll be in touch if we use your material.

We may run your item in any section of our magazine, or elsewhere. If we receive more than one copy of the same or a similar item, we pay only for the one we select.

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