2-Day Diabetes Diet

What’s on the menu?

Food you actually LIKE to eat!

Diabetes Diet Book

It’s not about how much you eat, but
WHAT you eat. You’ll love the food, the variety and how super easy it is to diet just two days a week and see amazing results.

Take charge of your diabetes!

It’s never been easier to cook the right foods for diabetes. The 2-Day Diabetes Diet includes REAL food with the power to reduce fat and help keep that glucose under control. The powerful combination of Power Burn and Nourishment Days targets stubborn belly fat one delicious meal at a time.

  • NO carb counting
  • NO forbidden foods
  • NO starving
  • NO shakes for dinner

Power Burn Days

     Two days a week you’ll reduce calories and carbs on your Power Burn days. Enjoy 3 diabetic friendly meals and a snack – all packed with the right foods to keep you feeling full and burning fat. No hunger! No cravings!

Nourishment Days

     The other 5 days we call your “Nourishment” days. You’ll eat a sensible Mediterranean diet of lean proteins, healthy fats and the foods you love that other diets forbid
whole grains, fruit and treats like dark chocolate and ice cream. YUM!

The bottom line? YOU are in control.

YOU pick your Power Burn days. YOU choose when to snack.
YOU mix and match meals at will. YOU can even dine out and stick to the 2–Day Diabetes Diet.

Erin Palinksi–Wade

The best thing about this diet is the flexibility. It’s an ideal way to find lasting success.

Erin Palinski–Wade, America's Belly Fat Fighter, is a nationally recognized nutrition and fitness expert who has contributed her expertise to national media outlets such as The Doctors, The Early Show, ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, Fitness, Consumer Reports, Chicago Tribune, and Prevention Magazine.

She operates a private practice in NJ and frequently serves as a media spokesperson, nutrition consultant, and speaker. She is the author of multiple publications including the upcoming Belly Fat Diet for Dummies and is the featured expert on the #1 best–selling diabetes iPad App "Diabetes: What Now?"

Diabetes Diet Book

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